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SAS Mirror Manager: Downloading Specific Releases

SAS Mirror Manager: Downloading Specific Releases SAS Mirror Manager: Downloading Specific Releases The Problem While using SAS Mirror Manager to download software assets, I noticed that despite specifying a deployment assets file (using `--deployment-assets`), the tool was consistently downloading the latest release instead of the release specified in the provided file. Initially, it was unclear if this was a bug, a misunderstanding of the documentation, or if I was verifying the downloaded release incorrectly. Investigation After careful examination of the documentation and troubleshooting steps, the core issue was identified: * **Default Behavior:** By default, if no specific release is specified, SAS Mirror Manager defaults to pulling the most recent release available. This default behavior explained why the deployment assets file's release information was seemingly ignored. The tool needs an explicit instruction to prioritize the assets file's release.
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Jenkins Pipeline - Running inside Docker Image

 pipeline{ agent { label 'aws' }         parameters{             choice(                 description:'Choose ACCOUNT_ID',                 name:'ACCOUNT_ID',                 choices: ['122']             )             choice(                 description:'Choose EKS_CLUSTER',                 name:'EKS_CLUSTER',                 choices: [                     'nonprod-ap-east-1'                 ]             )             choice(                 description:'Choose Helm Chart',                 name:'HELM',                 choices: [                     'spark-pi-ns-rbac'                 ]             )             choice(                 description:'Choose Action',                 name:'ACTION',                 choices: [                     'deploy',                     'delete'                 ]             )             choice(                 description:'Choose Namespa

RFW project creation automation

  /***************************************************************************************************** @Note:Encrypt the password:   SAS Password Encryption code: proc pwencode in="AAA123"; run;   Use the code on SAS Studio to encrypt the password   In the place of “AAA123” in the code, replace with password and execute   Check the log to find the encrypted password looks like “{SAS002}993090402DD916161D2D84542B0148C”   Update the encrypted password in the code *******************************************************************************************************/;   %let usr=sasdemo; %let pwd={SAS002}35BAE0144C92782311439227468DDB33; /* Start timer */ %let _timer_start = %sysfunc(datetime()); %macro adduser_group(user= ,group= ,mdebug=0 ); %local check uuri guri; %let check=ok; data _null_; length uri type msg $256; call missing(of _all_); rc=metadata_getnobj("omsobj:Person?@Name='&user'",1,uri); if rc<=0

Batch Import/Export

#opt Full Metadata Export /opt/home/SASPlatformObjectFramework/9.4/ExportPackage -host -port 8561 -user sasadm@saspw -password D9caR#Caq4 -objects "/EWST" -types Library -package "/opt/sasdata/EWST/SPK_EXPORTED/gogle_opt_Library.spk" -log "/opt/sasdata/EWST/SPK_EXPORTED/gogle_opt_Library.log" -subprop "/opt/sasdata/EWST/SPK_EXPORTED/gogle_opt_Library.subprop"   /opt/home/SASPlatformObjectFramework/9.4/ExportPackage -host -port 8561 -user sasadm@saspw -password D9caR#Caq4 -objects "/EWST" -types GeneratedTransform -package "/opt/sasdata/EWST/SPK_EXPORTED/gogle_opt_GeneratedTransform.spk" -log "/opt/sasdata/EWST/SPK_EXPORTED/gogle_opt_GeneratedTransform.log" -subprop "/opt/sasdata/EWST/SPK_EXPORTED/gogle_opt_GeneratedTransform.subprop"   /opt/home/SASPlatformObjectFramework/9.4/ExportPackage -host -port 8561 -user sasadm@saspw -password D9caR#Caq4 -objects

Grid Administration Notes - LSF

 LSF connects server to a single cluster. In SAS, LSF Cluster and SAS Grid refers to same. Platform Suite of SAS comprised of following softwares : LSF - Load Sharing Facility PM - Process Manager GMS - Grid Management Services LSF: LSF requires that its configuration files reside in a shared drive which is accessible from all servers in the grid. LSF cluster is controlled by LSF Master. There can be multiple master but only one will be active. It dispatches job to the server based on load indices and policies. LSF Queues - Any job submission first goes to queue and LSF check the queue for every 30 seconds and dispatch to the server. EGO - Enterprise Grid Orchestrator - Provides Fault Tolerance and High Availability  Platform Process Manager - Flow manager and calendar editor. It runs process jfd Grid Management Services  - Information from LSF is passed to SAS Grid Manager plugin in SMC Daemon: SAS Grid Manager SAS Components: Grid Manager Plugin - SMC plugin SASGSUB - Synchronous a